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WWT FlexShoes Save Several Hours per Well on 9-5/8” Casing Run and Drill-Out

Location: Asia
Well Type: Offshore, Directional Well
Objective: Help 9‐5/8in casing run to
bottom quickly and efficiently.
Solution: WWT FlexShoe w/ReamGuide
Results: Smooth casing run to bottom.

WWT International Inc. 3-3/8-Inch Coiled Tubing Tractor Facilitates Well Cleanout and Bridge Plug Removal

Problem:  Operator tried unsuccessfully with competing tractors to perform well cleanout and remove composite bridge plugs to achieve target depth.
Solution: The WWT International CT Tractor was used successfully to convey the coiled tubing beyond lock-up, perform a balldrop and open up a circulation port at TD, and enable milling of composite bridge plugs left over from fracing operations.

WWT JetReam Succeeds in the Permian

Location: Texas, USA
Well Type: Land, Horizontal
Well Objective: Run 9-5/8in casing through difficult formations
Solution: WWT JetReam
Results: Successful casing runs

WWT Non-Rotating Protectors

Well Type: Directional
Solution: WWT NRP
Results: Provides Greater Than 25% Torque Reduction

WWT Non-Rotating Protectors Prevented Additional Casing Wear

Location: North America
Well Type: Horizontal
Objective: Casing Protection
Solution: WWT NRPs
Results: Recovered Metal Significantly Reduced

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