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Torque Reduced By 28% After Installing WWT NRPs In Build Section

Location: Delaware Basin (New Mexico)
Well Type: 2 Mile Horizontal
Objective: Torque Reduction
Solution: WWT SS3-500 NRPs
Results: Immediate 28% Torque Reduction

Torque Reduction and Casing Protection of S-Shaped Well with Shallow Sidetrack

Location: Middle East
Well Type: S-Shaped
Objective: Torque Reduction & Casing Protection
Solution: WWT HT-550 NRPs
Results: 21% Torque Reduction

West Texas Operator Experiences Numerous NRP Benefits

Location: West Texas
Well Type: Horizontal
Objective: Reduced torque and casing wear
Solution: WWT SS3 installed across contact-force spike
Results: Significant immediate reduction in metal recovery, torque, and drag

WWT Coiled Tubing Tractor Sets Record in Extended Reach Well

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Well Depth:  28,257 feet
Problem:  Lock-up of the 2" coiled tubing occured at 21,980 feet, 6,277 feet short of TD
Solution: The WWT CT Tractor successfully delivered the MPLT tool string to 28,000 feet after navigting 5,780 feet of open hole. 

WWT FlexShoe Guides 5-1/2in Liner Through Open Hole Sidetrack in Wyoming

Location: Wyoming, USA
Well Type: Land, Horizontal Well
Objective: Run 5-1/2in casing into open hole sidetrack on the first attempt.
Solution: WWT FlexShoe ST
Results: Smooth, efficient casing run.

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