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WWT Silencer

The WWT Non-Rotating Silencer assembly is placed in or near the BHA to dampen downhole vibrations, reduce stick-slip, lower torque, and provide more efficient transfer of mechanical energy from top drive to bit. The WWT Silencer provides these benefits by using a non-rotating stabilizer with a low friction fluid bearing design. The non-rotating sleeve is manufacturing using a proprietary vibration absorbing polyurethane material bearing encapsulated around the steel or non-mag mandrel. The non-rotating sleeve is designed to be a sacrificial element, absorbing vibration energy from the drill string, thereby protecting critical BHA components. The WWT Silencer is designed as a fail-safe product without any fastening hardware or metallic parts within the non-rotating sleeve. The non-rotating polyurethane sleeve is fully drillable with nearly any kind of bit. If a non-rotating sleeve were to fail, the sub mandrel is essentially a short piece of HWDP, which allows operators to continue drilling ahead rather than tripping for a failed BHA component.


  • Interior geometry provides hydraulic and elastomeric dampening of axial and lateral vibrations.
  • Hydrodynamic bearing reduces torsional friction, thereby mitigating torsional oscillations.
  • Combined benefits results in improved drilling efficiency with increased BHA & bit life.


  • Non-rotating stabilizer sleeve, manufactured from a durable high-performance polymer.
  • Mandrel is manufactured from one piece of high strength steel or non-magnetic alloy. Excellent strength and fatigue resistance.
  • Replaceable, fail-safe non-rotating wear sleeve.
  • Field proven materials based on 30+ years of downhole experience with WWT’s Non-Rotating Protectors product line.
  • Large flow channels to allow for cuttings and fluid flow.
  • Designed to work near or within the BHA to improve overall drilling performance

Comparison results of stands Vs. BHA with WWT Silencer.

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