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5th Edition of Downhole Insights with WWT

Navigating the Challenges of Buckling

WWT International dives deep into the complexities of drilling long laterals in the latest issue of our LinkedIn newsletter, "Navigating The Challenges of Buckling."

This edition sheds light on the critical issue of drill pipe (DP) buckling in extended-reach drilling (ERD) and horizontal wells. The phenomenon, often summarized by the adage "You can’t push a rope," highlights the challenges of managing flexible DP under compression. Through rigorous testing and collaboration with operators, WWT International has developed a comprehensive understanding of DP behavior in compression, leading to significant advancements in drilling efficiency.

Key findings include the development of a buckling test fixture that directly measures friction due to compression or buckling in DP. The results demonstrate that Non-Rotating Protectors (NRPs) can reduce drag by shortening the effective column length of the pipe, allowing for a 20% increase in weight on bit (WOB) for a given amount of drag. This translates to faster rates of penetration (ROP), especially during slide drilling, and smoother weight transfer to the bit.

Furthermore, the use of NRPs not only mitigates buckling but also reduces pipe wear, extending the life of DP in challenging formations. WWT's innovative solutions, such as the FlexShoe and JetReam product lines, further enhance drilling efficiency by facilitating the delivery of rigid casing to the bottom and reducing drag through doglegs and settled cuttings beds.

About the Author: Eric Gollmyer Eric Gollmyer, Engineering Manager at WWT International, has been at the forefront of tackling buckling challenges since 2008. His journey from the shop parking lot in Anaheim to aiding ERD wells globally underscores WWT's commitment to turning theory into actionable solutions for the drilling industry. 

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How it started, how it’s going.

How it started, how it’s going.