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WWT FlexShoe™



Flexible Casing Guide

The WWT FlexShoe TM (FLX) is a fiber reinforced composite guide shoe that’s designed to navigate around dog-legs, past ledges, and through soft formations to help casing reach bottom under a variety of difficult conditions. The patented design provides a strong, yet robust guide shoe that reduces end loads at the bottom of casing up to 90%.  The technology used to design the FlexShoe was driven by our customers need to develop an innovative guide shoe to mitigate casing running risks.

Benefits & Features:

  • Use the FlexShoe to help guide large diameter casing through trouble zones or through build sections with inclinations above 40 degrees.
  • Use with any size casing when running through severe dog-legs.
  • Use on ERD or horizontal wells to prevent buckling or hanging up casing in the build and lateral sections to increase run efficiency.
  • Use the FlexShoe with any one of WWT’s other guide shoes to effectively run casing in almost any wellbore condition.
  • Use the FlexShoe to get casing to the bottom.
  • Improve operational costs by reducing time spent running casing through long laterals.