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WWT Slider-Clamp

WWT Slider-Clamp Cable Protectors

The WWT Slider-Clamp cable protectors prevent electric submersible pump (ESP) cable from costly damage during installation or retrieval. Each WWT Slider-Clamp includes provisions for capillary tubing and/or control lines, which can be customized for virtually any application. WWT offers low-friction models, reducing drag up to 50% for applications in highly deviated wells. Slider-Clamps are quickly installed on production tubing using a single 1-1/4” or dual ¾” banding that workover crews are already familiar with, enabling faster workover operations with less risk than competing metal style cable clamps.


  • Cost-effective high performance polyurethane models secure ESP cable around the production tubing.
  • Low-friction polymer models reduces sliding friction (drag) by up to 50% to help completions reach target depth in highly deviated wells.
  • Protects ESP cable and/or control line & capillary tubing from damage during installation and retrieval.
  • Securely centers cable and tubing in the wellbore.
  • Faster to install versus other style clamps and proven to be more reliable than bands alone.


  • Installed using common downhole banding hardware. Stainless or Monel bands are tensioned and crimped with air-power tools.
  • Versions available for both round or flat ESP cables
  • Models use either a single 1-1/4” band or dual ¾” bands.


  • Additional sizes available to fit any application.
  • Ultra-corrosion resistant banding.
  • Deepwater, robust versions to accommodate any configuration of cable or lines.