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Non-Rotating Protector (NRP) SPE Technical Paper Published



  • WWT International's Russell Mertens recently completed an SPE Technical Paper that is now available for purchase.  It gives an in-depth review of the capabilities of the NRP and specific elements and obstacles the well encountered.  Below is a preview and a link to purchase the SPE Technical Paper.

    • Nine months and over 11 million drill pipe revolutions later, the production casing for a Bolivian operator was still in almost new condition due to the use of WWT’s Non-Rotating Protectors.
    • A USIT log was performed both before and after deploying NRPs to verify the condition of the casing. A total of 4 million drill pipe revolutions accrued onto the casing between logs, resulting in an increase of 0.7% at the maximum wear point.
    • At TD, maximum wear reached 13% at a depth where side force was the highest at 3,500lbf/jt. The majority of casing wear is likely attributed to tripping the exposed BHA and drillstring in and out of the hole a total of 27 times.

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