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A new generation of logging tool designed from the ground up to survive in the roughest downhole conditions. The robust design can be used in any coil tubing application. Fully compatible with the WWT tractor line, milling and drilling tools.

Logged Data

  • Tubing/Bore pressure
  • Annulus Pressure
  • Differential Pressure
  • Weight-on-Bit (tension and compression)
  • Torque
  • Temperature
  • 3-Axis Vibration
  • Inclination Angle
  • Gravity Toolface Angle
  • Motor RPMs
  • Gamma
  • CCL


Outside Diameter 2-7/8 and 3-1/8
Connections 2-3/8 PAC and REG
Length 5.9 ft
Flow Rate Unlimited
Max Temperature 347°F (175°C)
Max Pressure 16,000 psi
Battery Life 250 hours*
Memory Capacity 350 hours*

*Results May Vary Based on Tool Configuration

Spec Sheet Spanish Spec Sheet