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Intelli-Pulser - 3 Tools in 1

On/Off Extended-Reach, Real-Time Downhole-Data, Memory/Logging

Incorporates downhole sensors into a rugged extended reach tool allowing adjustable control and communications. Continually record tubing pressure, annulus pressure, weight-on-bit, torque, temperature, gravity tool face, vibration, inclination, gamma, and CCL. The tool can be programmed to transmit data from any or all sensors to the surface wirelessly.

Supplies real-time, downhole data, using mud-pulse technology adapted from MWD tools.

  • Logs all sensor data into memory
  • Electronically adjustable pulse amplitude and pulse frequency while downhole
  • Adaptable - reprogrammed/modified at wellsite to account for unexpected changes
  • Reduce coil fatigue- turn pulsing on / off, an unlimited number of times
  • Acid, sand, LCM, gel, nitrogen, and reverse circulation compatible
  • Capable of autonomous decisions and adjustments based on wellbore conditions
  • Regulates applied extended-reach force


Outside Diameter 3-1/8
Connections 2-3/8 PAC and REG
Length 9.8 ft
Flow Rate 1 – 7 BPM
Max Temperature 347°F (175°C)
Max Pressure 16,000 psi
Battery Life 250 hours*
Memory Capacity 350 hours*

*Results May Vary Based on Tool Configuration

Spec Sheet Intelli-Pulser      Spec Sheet Intelli-Pulser Spanish